Managed Wi-Fi

Corporate Centers, Government, Department of Defense, Hotels, Restaurants, Retails, and POS Integration
Smart Alert provides a combination of advanced cutting-edge AI software running on your business networks integrated with our unlimited IT support Monday-Friday from 8am-5pm PST. Our Smart Alert service for Wi-Fi will give us real-time alerts to any potential upcoming network outages, allowing us to be more proactive versus reactive when potential network issues are encountered. We manage your Internet service and work due diligently to restore internet and network issues quickly and efficiently. We can help your business users or guest users with Wi-Fi issues on smart devices including mobile phones, laptops, TVs, or tablets. Our tech support team can resolve matters quickly and provide the best business continuity to your operation.


Smart Alert

Network Monitoring ✔️
Internet ISP Management ✔️
Access Point Management ✔️
Review Security Network Logs ✔️
Firmware Updates, Patching ✔️
Weekly and Monthly Reports ✔️
High-Quality Commercial Grade Wireless ✔️
Create Easy to Use Wi-Fi Hotspots ✔️
Configure Multiple Wireless Networks, ✔️
Private and Public Employees/Guests ✔️
Shopping Centers/Malls ✔️
Churches ✔️
Corporate Centers ✔️
Hotels, Restaurant, and Retail ✔️
POS Integration ✔️
PCI Compliant ✔️
Medical ✔️
Military and Government ✔️
Education ✔️

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