Managed Detection andResponse (MDR)

Brea Networks Malwarebytes Managed Detection and Response provides powerful and affordable threat detection and remediation services with 24×7 monitoring and investigations, purpose-built for resource constrained IT teams.
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Changing the game with Brea Networks MDR


Boost constrained team resources

Lack of bandwidth and skills can limit the ability of your team to effectively monitor and react to threat alerts. Brea Networks Malwarebytes MDR Analysts fill these gaps 24×7 and become an extension of your team.

Free your team from alert fatigue

Never ending cyber-attacks continually flood organizations with threat alerts. Brea Networks Malwarebytes MDR monitors and triages threats on your behalf, freeing your team.

Reduce dwell time of hidden threats

Lengthy dwell times lead to greater risk of infection. Brea Networks Malwarebytes MDR hunts down hidden threats based on suspicious activity and past IOCs, reducing dwell time and potential impact of hidden threats.
Brea Networks Malwarebytes MDR provides powerful and affordable threat detection and remediation services with rapid set-up and 24×7 monitoring.

Features and benefits of Brea Networks Malwarebytes MDR


24x7 Alert Monitoring

As a 24/7 global security operations center (SOC), we monitor and investigate alerts across customer endpoints day and night, rapidly triaging the most critical threats.

Remediation YOUR way

Our MDR Team can actively remediate threats as they are discovered OR provide highly actionable guidance for your team to follow in their own remediation efforts. It’s your choice.

Threat Hunting

Our MDR Team hunts unseen threats based on past indicators of compromise (IOCs) and suspicious activity observed on endpoints.

Skilled MDR analysts

Our team of security experts are accomplished threat hunters and incident responders with decades of combined experience triaging and mitigating complex malware threats.

Learn how Brea Networks Malwarebytes MDR service solves the challenges of today’s Business

Brea Networks Malwarebytes MDR provides MSPs with a powerful and affordable threat detection and remediation offering with 24×7 monitoring and investigations, perfectly suited to the needs of MSP small-to-medium business customers.

24×7 alert monitoring and guidance for MSPs to help eliminate threats using the power of Brea Networks Malwarebytes EDR remediation
Threat hunting across customer sites, helping to prevent hidden threats from becoming active infections
Managed antivirus on Brea Networks Malwarebytes EDR, supporting enhanced security posture

Is MDR right for you?

24×7 alert monitoring. Flexible options for remediation. Threat hunting. The capabilities offered by MDR services sound fantastic. But is now the right time for you to adopt endpoint MDR? Answering a few key questions in this eBook can help you with this decision.

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Why MDR Matters to your Organization


Over 60% of security teams admit to lacking sufficient staff to meet the security needs of their organizations.

ISC 2021 Cybersecurity Workforce Study


Data breaches that took longer than 200 days to identify and contain cost on average US $4.87 million, compared to $3.61 million for breaches that took less than 200 days.

Ponemon Institute

287 Days

According to Ponemon Institute, the average number of days that an organization takes to identify and contain a data breach is 287 days.

Ponemon Institute and IBM Security. Cost of a Data Breach Report. 2021

How Brea Networks Malwarebytes MDR Works

Not all MDR services are equal. Brea Networks Malwarebytes MDR is purpose-built for resource constrained teams who need high-focus alert monitoring and prioritization with flexible options for remediating threats.

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