CMMC 2.0

Department of Defense contractors are under constant cyber threat from cyber criminals. In an effort to defend their work protecting FCI (Federal Contract Information) and CUI (Controlled Unclassified Data), the DOD has collaborated with the CMMC Accreditation Body (CMMC-AB) to create a third party assessment program.

Our staff has been fully trained and certified as Registered Practitioners.

Brea Networks provides Gap Analysis, Provisional Assessment, and Remediation to its government defense contractor clients. Brea Networks is currently level 2 ready CMMC organization and is a shortlisted vendor that can work directly for the DOD, prime contractors, and sub-contractors.

Brea Networks breaks the CMMC compliance process down to 3 key phases. Once you have contracted Brea Networks as your RPO, Your project will be broken down as follows:

Gap Analysis

This is our discovery process. We evaluate your current security measures to determine security status and provide recommendations for best remediation options.

Provisional Assessment

This is where we review audit findings.


We commence updating systems, security practices, and policy creation.

Phase 1: Gap Analysis

We’ll walk you through the process of CMMC compliance, perform a detailed analysis of your business and systems to understand your qualifications, and provide recommendations for you to meet CMMC compliance requirements to pass your audit.

The Gap Analysis process is interactive and requires significant time spent with you to discuss the controls and what’s needed to meet them. We’ll work together to meet your goals.

A Gap Analysis will give you the information you need to submit a self-assessment to the DOD.

Phase 2: Provisional Assessment

Once you receive your Gap Analysis results, you’ll next need to plan how you’re going to implement any missing security controls. These controls will include both technical and non-technical measures. This will involve multiple departments, not just IT. If your staff doesn’t have the expertise to do this, we can help. There are options to help you meet those regulations.

We will provide recommendations that will allow you to decrease the scope of compliance and reduce the coverall costs of your audit.

Phase 3: Remediation

Upon completion of CMMC compliance, the controls you put in place will need to be managed. Many companies are outsourcing security, even when they have in-house IT, because of its efficiency when bringing in all of the knowledge, skills and tools that are needed for advanced security.

The specifics for CMMC compliance are still new, but we know that the deadline is 2025. The longer an organization has these practices in place, the more secure and efficient the company can run.

Brea Networks holds a CMMC Registered Provider Organization Certification approved by the CMMC Cyberboard AB.  If you are an OSC Organization Seeking Certification we invite you to speak with our specialist today to discuss your organization and readiness for CMMC.

Organization Seeking Certification (OSC) – The Organization that is going through the CMMC assessment process to receive a level of Certification for a given environment. Source: CMMC

Benefits of CMMC Readiness Assessment

DOD contractors and sub-contractors will need to work with a CMMC-AB Registered Practitioner Organization (RPO) like Brea Networks to conduct a CMMC Readiness Assessment. Leveraging Brea Networks’ experience and expertise to guide your strategic CMMC goals will help your organization avoid pitfalls related to complex requirements.

A CMMC Readiness Assessment Will:

  • Give you a competitive edge in new and recurring bids for DOD contracts
  • Prepare your organization to meet upcoming CMMC requirements
  • Mature your cybersecurity program

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