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Cloud services enable today’s businesses to be more nimble, efficient and cost effective than ever before – that’s why we offer Sapphire Anywhere for SAP Business One and Infor SunSystems.

Sapphire Anywhere is our enterprise-class hosting service, with data centers around the world, that allows you to leverage the power and flexibility of business management software in the cloud. Benefits include:

  • Enterprise-grade security and compliance
  • Enterprise-class high availability and disaster recovery as standard
  • Faster disaster recovery
  • Fully managed end to end service
  • Delivery of IT in minutes rather than months
  • Full SAP and Infor support
  • Increment user count easily
  • Can be up and running within a week

Existing SAP Business One and Infor users get all the benefits above, plus:

  • No more system maintenance, leaving you to concentrate on your business
  • No hardware maintenance cost
  • No in-house IT or product specific technical knowledge required
  • If you’re moving office, the Sapphire-Anywhere Cloud is the perfect interim system
  • If you’re considering upgrading your SAP or Infor product range upgrading into the Cloud can save you time and money

Services are offered both as single and multi-tenant deployments depending on your requirements, so you can pay per user or by resource consumption based on your company needs. Either way, SAP Business One and Infor SunSystems upgrades are done remotely within the safe confines of our testing environment, and no changes or upgrades will be made without your permission.

Our Sapphire owned infrastructure means you have access to architects and engineers who have extensive practical experience in cloud migration, cloud platform deployment and virtualization but also direct product specific knowledge. Sapphire-Anywhere is a Cloud solution designed with Sapphire’s rich technical experience of the SAP and Infor product portfolio.

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