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Brea Networks is your trusted local provider of structured cabling services in the Santa Ana, CA area. You can trust your data cabling and network wiring project with us, with confidence that your telecommunications environment will be set up neat, organized and optimized, and easily scalable as you grow. Contact us today!

A new era of data cabling

Gone are the days of point-to-point cabling, or at least they should be. Point-to-point cabling connects one hardware device (server, switch, etc.) directly to another via jumper fiber cables. This configuration is fine if you have small environments with little need for expansion; however, cabling in a larger environment, or even a small one that anticipates growth, requires a different approach.

Structured cabling is a streamlined approach defined by industry standards. It allows for the organized connection of your devices through patch panels rather than by connecting the devices directly to each other.

Structured cabling

Benefits of structured cabling

It’s difficult to scale a point-to-point network, especially since doing so essentially adds more complexity to an already complex system. With structured cabling, you can create organized physical sections of data connection points to keep the transmission of data in order. Structured cabling offers the following benefits:

High Bandwidth

Structured cabling boosts communication speeds.


A streamlined architecture reduces bottlenecks in data transmission.


Additional devices or new technology can be added with ease. 


Fewer connection points result in a smaller attack surface.

Structured cabling contains centralized hubs where devices can connect. There may be more hubs if your environment is larger, but with fewer device-to-device connections, troubleshooting a network failure is simplified. If one segment of devices is experiencing slowness, our networking tools can pinpoint the source. Further, we can identify and replace any faulty wiring faster, resulting in less downtime.

Brea Networks structured cabling services

Our experts will work with you to review your existing infrastructure and needs to determine the best plan. The number of existing devices and end-users and the overall mission play a part in the way your network is designed. Streamlined network design will let you add segments with ease as your needs grow. Structured cabling will not simply address your current problems, but will set you up for success in the future. Technology changes rapidly, and we will ensure your business is ready to keep up.

Brea Networks can meet your structured cabling needs

Performing an overhaul of your environment is difficult and requires expertise and resources. We are a structured cabling company with a competent staff and the expertise to provide an intelligent network re-design to make your operations successful. Today’s world requires a business to operate efficiently and securely. With a manageable network, securing your data and easily reducing outages becomes a reality.

When you partner with us, you’ll get the structured cabling services you need to ensure the safety and reliability of your telecommunications infrastructure. Contact us today!

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